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We are very proud that the Credit Card Relief Education (CREE) Program is built on the foundation of a proven process that has. . . .
1. Helped over 300 families statewide since 2005!
...Join Your Texas Neighbors and Save!!

2. Reduced/eliminated over $10,000,000 of credit card debt!
...Don't Keep Your Debt Another Day!!

3. Enabled clients to stop monthly payments IMMEDIATELY!
...Don't Pay More Than You Have To!!

4. And now for TEXAS RESIDENTS we GUARANTEE at least a 40% reduction or YOUR MONEY BACK!
...We Usually Do Much Better!!

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Welcome . . .
Thank you for your interest in our Credit Card Relief Education (CCRE) program. We very much appreciate your interest and to better educate you about the CCRE process please continue reading the material below... this could be some of the best and most profitable time you have ever spent as well as the most important financial information you've ever discovered. The information contained on this website will eventually lead to thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in savings for you if you sign up for our program....and because of our money-back guarantee, your risk is removed!

You see, we are not interested in helping you just a little. We are not even interested in helping you a decent amount. We are interested in helping you become TOTALLY debt free in the shortest amount of time possible! And we are so confident that we can help you and your family that we will take ALL of the risk out on your side and transfer ALL of the risk to us!!

The CCRE Program is unique; for, unlike its predecessors, it is designed to help you, the consumer and cardholder, not your creditors. Our program offers people a real alternative to bankruptcy, consumer credit counseling, lengthy debt management or debt consolidation programs, and has helped individuals find the most powerful option for their individual situation.

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Doubt and Skepticism help our clients find real answers . . .
The best way to become educated is to research our program until you understand how it works. We will outline several steps you can take to verify our program. Please continue to ask questions and keep a healthy measure of skepticism until you feel comfortable enough to speak with one of our representatives (the average person takes 2-3 weeks to consult with us, read, listen, and ask questions before deciding to go forward with our program).

We have done years of research and testing in order to package a highly specialized program proven to liberate Texans overwhelmed with various kinds of unsecured debt.

It's imperative to your financial well being that you are first aware of your options and secondly that you weigh all of your options.... then you can make your decision accordingly.

However, we cannot stress enough the importance and value of our money-back guarantee. There is no other debt relief program in Texas or America that will offer a no-risk money-back guarantee on their service and we are proud and confident that going through the CCRE program will change your life forever!

Is CCRE really too good to be true?
When people first hear about CCRE's debt relief program, their first reaction is "This is too good to be true!" or "How can they make a guarantee like that?", as it is far superior to other forms of debt relief on the market today. However, for those who take the time to educate themselves, listen to our current and former clients, and conduct a little due diligence, it becomes very clear that we have the best program for people struggling with credit card debt.

The CCRE process is simply the most well-researched and most powerful approach to getting Texas residents out of debt and KEEPING them out of debt... period.

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Final thoughts . . . The CCRE debt relief program enables our clients to dramatically reduce credit card and other unsecured debt at a significant discount compared with programs that simply extend payments, restructure them, or in many cases put the consumer further in debt. Our proprietary systems are unmatched in the industry and are designed specifically to achieve the best debt relief for all of our clients. Each CCRE client works with his or her own highly trained advisor at no additional cost whatsoever. The foundational process that the CCRE process has been built on has proven very effective for over 8 years in rebuilding a much brighter financial future for consumers, helping them to become debt free, and saving them substantial time and money in the process.

What Should You Do Next?
There is a way out! Don't let another day go by where your money is flying out the window! Let our experienced staff of professionals show you how you can regain control of your family's financial future. Your financial future simply can't wait - ACT NOW and become free of this burden of debt. By visiting our Web Site and reading this, you've already taken the first it's time to take action! Click on the link below...Complete our Confidential Client Application...And we will contact you soon!

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