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1. LEGALLY STOP your monthly payments immediately?
. . . Receive instant relief using federal and bank laws!

2. REDUCE your credit card debt by at least 40% or YOUR MONEY BACK?
. . . We guarantee our service! Most clients do better than this!

3. Become DEBT FREE in 12-24 months?
. . . Receive long-term relief and a fresh financial start!

4. AVOID Bankruptcy, Debt Consolidation, and Refinancing?
. . . We have the absolute best option for Texas residents! Speak to a debt counselor today!

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Who are we?
"Integrity Debt Solutions - Texas" is a full-service debt relief and debt settlement company dedicated to bringing RESIDENTS OF TEXAS the most proven, time-tested, and legal credit card debt REDUCTION/ELIMINATION option in America today.

After having our program assist families in the state of TEXAS over the last 7+ years, we invite you to review our website and see for yourself just how your family can lower your credit card debt all the while avoiding bankruptcy, debt consolidation, and refinancing your home. You can also see how you can receive a wonderful fresh start!

In the last month alone, families just like yours all around the state of Texas have benefited from our: (1) Extensive Research (2) Expertise in Texas law (3) Negotiation Know-How and Experience (4) Consumer Advocacy Education and Protection. We encourage you to call and speak with a debt counselor today and learn about the best debt help available to Texas residents!

We are also a Christian owned and operated company dedicated to serving ALL of our clients in the most professional, honest, and hard working manner. Our debt counseling process will handle your situation just like we've handle all of the others - according to the Golden Rule! You will be treated exactly like we would want to be treated ourselves!

The Credit Card Relief Education (CCRE) program is designed to bring hope and freedom to Texas families struggling with the burden of credit card debt. We are offering a legal, moral, and ethical choice for families who need relief and desire a fresh start!

Scroll down, listen to our actual results, contact us, and join hundreds of fellow Texans who are now debt free and loving life again!!

As a client, you will learn . . .

- Testimonies and Case Studies of actual clients who went through the CCRE program.
- Various Federal, State, and banking laws that we implement to set you free.
- From clients who are willing to speak with you about their personal success.
- Just how the credit card companies operate and how to get a fresh start.
- How you too can implement existing law that works in your favor.
- How to reduce your total credit card debt 40%-60% (maybe more!).
- How to become stress-free and experience HOPE and FREEDOM again!

. . . or Call Us Now at 800-635-6793

TESTIMONIAL #1: Stressed out and discouraged, Victor in San Antonio entered $32,000 in our program and saved $23,500 - a savings of 73%! He is now happy and encouraged again!



How do we do it? . . . . . We implement existing law!
Our Credit Card Relief Education (CCRE) program is based on the Texas Constitution as well as current Federal law, Bank law, U.S. Supreme Court decisions, and other legislation passed by Congress - such as, The Fair Credit Reporting Act, The Fair Credit Billing Act, The 1991 Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.

After helping Families in Texas since 2005, after spending thousands of hours of research, and after many years of actual experience, the CCRE process is ready to help YOU AND YOUR FAMILY experience hope and freedom again and allow you to get back on your feet financially.

Oh, by the way, we GUARANTEE our service. This means that if you pay more than 60% on your total debt you will not be charged one penny! Nobody else in this industry offers this - not one! If you find a company that does, please inform us immediately because we've never seen one!

NOTE: We figure our guarantee is a safe bet since we have not had one refund claim from a client in our entire history. Does this begin to reduce some of your skepticism? We hope so, but read on!

TESTIMONIAL #2: Depressed and worried, Dan and Kristi in Mesquite, Texas saved over $34,000 with our CCRE Program! They are now full of hope for the future!



Why does CCRE work so well? . . . . . Two words . . . 'OUR EXPERTISE'!
The CCRE program was created utilizing various laws and legislation (mentioned above) that were specifically designed to protect consumers living in Texas helping them to become debt free.

Because of our experience and expertise, we can help you legally, morally, and ethically reduce at least 40% of your total outstanding credit card debt OR YOUR MONEY BACK! No other debt relief company or debt service in America will make this offer AND our guarantee is in writing! Hopefully, this will bring a measure of confidence and security to you and your family as you consider the debt relief options available to you. Simply ask the other companies you are dealing with or researching if they will offer a money back guarantee!

We also have a long list of satisfied clients who are willing to speak with you! Because of our client’s overwhelming success (MANY of them right in your city or area!), they have actually given us permission to share their names and phone numbers with you so you can speak to them directly. All you have to do is click the green link above or below, complete the form, and one of our qualified debt counselors will contact you to share all of this information! (Are you interested in free information that will help you make the best and most informed decision for your situation?)

TESTIMONIAL #3: Anxiety ridden and not knowing where to turn, Emil in Richmond had $106,000 in credit card debt and saved over $60,000! He is now feeling free again!



Your confidence is assured . . . we deliver immediate relief and hope for the future!
The foundation for the CCRE process is based on The Fair Credit Billing Act, The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, The 1991 Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and The Texas Constitution. Since 2005, families all across the great state of Texas have had the benefit of being served by a process designed to assist families in a more profound way than ever thought possible.

In 2005, we updated the CCRE program to implement specific Texas consumer protection laws, we added a money-back guarantee, and because of the demand we were able to lower our fee. All of this specialization was created for the express purpose of serving Texas families and to help you receive a fresh financial start today!

To confirm this truth and to hear from many more of our clients, we invite you to visit our Results and Testimonial Page. You will see for yourself precisely how the CCRE has helped real people return to real financial recovery and freedom! (Are you ready to become debt free? Well dagnabit, give us a call or fill out the form right now! We’ll tell you the truth and give you the knowledge you desperately want and need!)

In some cases, bankruptcy, debt consolidation, or refinancing is your best option - many times we advise our clients to go one of these routes because it is in their best interest so please don't be surprised if we encourage you to go in another direction - but you will not know if our CCRE process is a better option for you unless you learn more about it! Simply click the green link below and complete the Confidential Application now and one of our authorized agents will get in touch with you in the next 1-2 days to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION and send you a FREE INFORMATION PACKET all valued at $250.

We will also email you a FREE report that outlines all of the options you have when faced with credit card debt and the costs and benefits of each. This is a valuable report and will save you hours and hours of time and research!

TESTIMONIAL #4: Frustrated and holding on by a thread, Danilo in Houston, TX saved over $37,000 with our CCRE process! He says, "Integrity Debt Solutions has an “A" rating, their customer service is awesome, and once again I feel GREAT!"



Find out if you qualify . . . . we want to help you today!
Our proprietary debt elimination process will help you become debt free sooner than you ever thought possible! In order to find out if you qualify for the CCRE program and to schedule a time to chat with a professional debt counselor, please complete our online Confidential Client Application at the link provided below or simply call or email us.

We are offering a proven, ethical, and legal debt option to Texas residents and we have a long list of clients who have allowed us to share their names and phone numbers! Ask other companies you're considering this question and see how many names they provide. Call our clients and then call our competitors clients and see which company is the most reliable and delivers the best results!

(Do You Desire A Fresh Start?)

Call 1-800-635-6793 Now and Receive a FREE REPORT

TESTIMONIAL #5: Steven in Dallas saved over $40,000 and received a fresh start! He and his wife now have HOPE again, a BETTER MARRIAGE, and a new lease on life!




Listen to our 7-Minute Overview and Learn More . . . .
We educate you on your rights, the law, and our proprietary legal process so you can experience confidence and security again!

If you would like to learn more about the CCRE program and some of the details surrounding it, click on the "Play" arrow below and listen to our 7-minute overview which will further educate you on this powerful process and how your family can benefit.

We are committed to your success and we work for you, not the banks or credit card companies. And it's important for you to know that we have solid evidence to share with you that will illustrate why and how our program works.

Gary Wayne
Gary Wayne - Managing Director



TESTIMONIAL #6: Bill in Houston, TX saved more than $55,000 from our debt relief process – which was a savings of 64%! He is now one of our BIGGEST advocates and is on our reference list. This means YOU can call him and ask him what our program is like!



How are we different from the competition?
There are many important and distinct ways in which we differentiate ourselves from other companies. First, we take you from stressed out and maxed out financially, and give you immediate relief. Second, we educate you on your rights, the laws, and how your family can benefit. And third, we are here to support you every step of the way - unlimited consultations while sharing our vast experience and expertise as well as our extensive negotiation knowledge helping you to settle typically for 30% - 65% of the balances.

Here are the questions we hear you asking . . .
1. Why should I listen to you?

We have a great deal of experience in helping people and families just like you. We have a long and successful track record of delivering on our promises and we're not asking you to take our word for it - please listen to our clients as they share their experiences. We also know what the banks can and cannot do to cardholders in the state of Texas - we have much experience in dealing with them. This knowledge and experience is translated into savings for you!

2. Why should I do business with you instead of someone else?
We hope that you receive the message we are sending - that we serve our clients in the same manner in which we would want to be treated (The Golden Rule). We have experience in dealing with all of the companies and banks in which you have credit cards. And finally, we will tell you the major benefits of our program and how our proprietary process can and will help you get a fresh start. We will share with you the one drawback of our program and how that drawback can be overcome and restored!

3. What can your service do for me that no other service can do?
Our Credit Card Relief Education (CCRE) program from its inception is specifically made and designed for residents of Texas only. We implement specific state consumer protection laws that ONLY apply if you live in the state of Texas. We have not come across another company that only helps Texas residents.

4. What can you guarantee me that nobody else can guarantee?
As mentioned throughout our website and in all of our marketing materials, the biggest way in which we differentiate ourselves from our competition is that if you pay more than 40% of the balances on your credit card accounts, we will refund your money. In other words, if we cannot help you reduce your total debt by 40%, you will get our service and educational materials and hundreds of hours of research for free.

Please know that in the entire history of our company, we have NOT had to refund a client's fee once. Remember, 40% is the minimum - we have a long track record of doing much better than that!

We will never be all things to all people. However, if you are a Texas resident overwhelmed with credit card debt and need relief from a company with a long and proven track record, who specializes in helping you, who implements existing state, federal, and banking law, and who operates on Christian principals....then we believe you've come to the right place!

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Our Perfect Better Business Bureau Track Record . . .
Because of the hard work and diligent follow through we have offered EACH and EVERY ONE of our clients, IDS-Texas is proud to share with you that you can go back in time and review our track record. Since our inception, we have not had one customer complaint which has earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We work very hard to deliver the best possible service we can and we are very proud of this track record. We hope this fact will add to your confidence and reassure you that we will be here for you every step of the way!

If you are considering any other debt settlement or debt relief company, please research their track record with the Better Business Bureau and compare it against ours! Ask them if they specialize only in the state of Texas! Ask them if they offer a money-back guarantee! Ask them if they have a list of clients you can call and speak with!

Secretary of State Registration...
Because of the plethora of companies that "claim" to help families get out of credit card debt, we have provided a link to the Secretary of State in Colorado where Integrity Debt Solutions was formalized 8+ years ago. As mentioned throughout our website, our process is based on federal, state, and bank law and we offer a very powerful money-back GUARANTEE!! Please check out our good standing by doing these steps...

(1) clicking on the link below

(2) under 'Business Center' in blue, click on "Search Business Database"

(3) type in 'Integrity Debt Solutions LLC' (we are a Limited Liability Company for tax reasons)

Our Competition . . . Below are several links that will take you to other debt relief options in Texas so you can compare our CCRE program to what it is they offer. We are confident that our CCRE process is the best solution for many Texas families, but we realize that some people might prefer another option/solution. We are here to help families - period. And sometimes that means directing them elsewhere. Please take a look for yourself at these other companies and see what is best for you and your family. We are familiar with many of these options and would be happy to explain to you some of the differences. Thank you in advance for your consideration! If these companies are still in business, check them out . . .